Saturday April 26th, 2008Third Annual GOTH PROM:PROM OF THE DEADSEE THE FLYER FOR GOTH PROM 2008



Below are your GOTH PROM candidates: Be at FACTORY's Third Annual GOTH PROM Saturday April 26th to votefor your favorite candidate to take the crown for 2008!KING or QUEEN

Dave C. - King

Beau D - King

William - King

Matt - King

Michael - King

Onyx - Queen

Judesah - Queen

Xelena - Queen

Austin - Queen

Celeste - Queen


Ian - Prince

Kess - Princess

Jessie - Princess

Brendan - Duke

Joey - Lord

Ryan - Lord

Alexandra - Lady

Angel - Lady
*Court Jester will be chosen by random draw from the list of non-winning candidates.Do not apply for Court Jester.
REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED: Due to last years voting controversy, we're doing things a little differently for this years for GOTH PROM.
Over the next few months we will be taking requests from patrons to be candidates for all the positions inthe FACTORY GOTH PROM ROYAL COURT. Read the rules and regulation below, e-mail the information we request along with a photo of yourself to our e-mail address. Information will be posted on this page for our patrons to get familiar with the candidates prior to PROM. On the night of GOTH PROM ballots will be handed out to each person at FACTORY to vote for their favorite candidate. Votes will be tallied at the end of the night and the winners will be announced. GOOD LUCK!
Rules and Regulations to enter:
- You MUST be a regular patron of FACTORY.
- You may NOT have won the position the previous year that you are applying for this year. You may apply for a greater or lesser title.
- You must provide ALL the info below including a valid e-mail address for us to contact you.
- You MUST provide a photo of yourself via e-mail to to be posted on our web site and on the voting ballots the night of Goth Prom 2008.
- You MUST be in attendance the night of the PROM, Saturday April 26th to win.
- Last date to submit your online candidacy request is Saturday April 19h, 2008 NO CANDIDATE APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED THE NIGHT OF THE PROM!Information to send to us: 1. Name 2. E-Mail 3. Prom Title 4. Your Photo (72 dpi, no larger than 4" x 6")E-mail this information + Photo to